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Just what is wayfinding? It's how we communicate within architectural environments so that everyone who enters a facility or site can easily find their destination.  

Wayfinding is not just signs. It includes sounds, colors, textures, and landmarks such as artwork, water features and seating areas.

When we complete your wayfinding project, we know the faces of your visitors will light up as they encounter an attractive sign system that coordinates with all the other wayfinding clues in the environment and communicates in the way they best understand.

This Book by Paul Arthur is our wayfinding bible. Read it and you will learn why our surveys go so far beyond what we see from other ADA specialists, are so valued and become so useful to our clients. You can look at some examples of our work here and then contact us so we can do something similar for your facility or your project.

We Have Made Wayfinding Into an Artform.