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The ABCs of ADA Signs

Accessible • Beautiful • Compliant

Sharon Toji earned her nickname, the ADA Sign Lady, from her reputation as the person who was always willing to pick up the phone and answer questions that everyone had about accessible signs from almost the first day that the standards appeared back in 1991.

From the beginning, she believed that there was more to ADA signs than rules. She knew that you could follow the rules, and still design beautiful and interesting signs, harmonious with their surroundings. She also knew that rules alone did not always result in truly accessible signs.

When you purchase a bundle of Sharon's ABC Vouchers, she can continue to do the research you need, can continue her volunteer work with the American National Standards Association, and your questions can keep on coming!


Single Vouchers

Bundle of 3

Each Voucher costs $50.00

Each Bundle costs $125.00

Bundle of 5

Each Bundle costs $200.00

Custom Bundles

Please call or email if you want to make a special arrangement for the Sign Lady's services


For the ADA Sign Lady's Resume, click HERE. For the story of how she became the ADA Sign Lady, click HERE.