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Ask the ADA Sign Lady!

Accessible • Beautiful • Compliant -- We answer your questions about ADA Sign ABCs.


Yes, the ADA Sign Lady still gets questions!

Our readers often want to know how they can solve the client's design requests, and still provide legally compliant signs. And we want to add why"legal" is not always the most "usable!" Our answers often explain how you can design for all of our "ABCs" and not just for minimum compliance.

Please do check our "Frequently Asked Questions" where you'll find many answers. You'll can also check us out on Linked In to see if your question is answered there. If you have questions that are more complicated, we're happy to tackle those, and they do often require some extra research for us, or lengthy emails including specific code citations.

So -- Drum Roll -- we are now offering our ABC Vouchers.

If you purchase a manual, you have the opportunity to include some ABC Sign Vouchers at a bargain rate.

If you don't need a new manual, and can't find the answer to your question in the manual or in our Q&A section, then just purchase one voucher or a bundle and ask away!

One Voucher      –– $50.00

Three Vouchers –– $125.00

Five Vouchers  ––   $200.00

To purchase and contact us immediately with your question, just use the PayPal “Buy Now” button:

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We are also happy to give you a phasing plan and pricing for an entire project, from initial needs survey to final design, followed by fabrication and even installation in some sections of California.